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vrijdag 30 december 2011

The Motors that I'll use for my quadrocopter are the HobbyKing AX-2210N 1000kv.
(hobbyking productpage)

As I see, most quadrocopters use low kv motors. They just have to create a good static trust. Because these motors have a low kv they consume less power the high kv motors. Note that a large propellor should be used to get enough thrust.

These motors will be equiped with a 10 inch GWS 1060 prop. My quadrocopter will be around 1.1kg. I hope this will work :)

A good review/test of these motors with several props and voltages can be found on this link. AX-2210N benchmark As you can see on this page. At max power I should get a total thrust of 3kg. The total weigth of a quadrocopter should be maximal 1/2 of the maximal thrust.

practical advice: these motors perform well and are very cheap, but quality is medium. I bought a total of 6 motor. 2 motors had shaft that was not 100% straight. You can't see it with your eyes. But ones they turn with your prop. You will see them dance :). This gives a lot of unwanted vibrations on your quadroframe and noise to your imu. So if you buy these motors, order more than you need :)

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