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dinsdag 24 juli 2012

First flight

My project is progressing very slowly. But here it is. Proof of concept. My multicopter can fly.

As you can see, it still needs some PID tuning. And I really need to learn how to fly and land this thing. I got the impression that there is some latency on my control input/uplink. The copter responds to my controls but I feel that I don't really have it under control.

Equipment quadcopter:
- Alu Quad + frame 60cm square tube 15x15x1.5mm (~ 53cm from motor center to oposit motor center)
- 4 x Motors AX-2210N 1000kv from hobbyking
- 4 x EPP 1045 props from lipoly (2xcw &  2xccw)
- 4 x Blueseries ECS 12 amp from hobbyking
- 4 x homemade vibration reduction motor mount (see previous blog)
- Seeeduino Mega v1.1 board (arduino compatible)
- Razor 9DOF IMU from sparkfun
- LantroniX Matchport wifi module
- Turnigy 3000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack from hobbyking 

total weight: ~ 1200 grams

Equipment groundstation:
- wifi router
- laptop
- usb gamepad

The Seeeduino Mega board has my own custom code (written in arduino).  Ok, I did not reinvent fire. I read a lot on the internet. I took the basics and made my own program that controls the quad. The 9DOF imu is equiped with a modified version of the AHRS firmware. Note that it is not the version I upload in one of my previous blogposts. The version I currently use will be uploaded later.

The lantronix B/G wifi module translates wireless ip based UDP/TCP packets to serial uart. I can send commands from my laptop via UDP to the quad copter. The usb gamepad is used to control/fly the quadcopter. The copter sends its data from sensors/batt status/motorspeed/... via the wifi module in realtime back to my laptop. The program on the laptop that controls all this is written in VB.Net (2003)

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