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zondag 9 september 2012

New Quad X-frame

Nowdays I'm learning to fly my  quadcopter equiped with a Hobbyking i86L Multi-Rotor Control Board (Lite Edition). It's a very cheap board, quick and easy to install. This is a temporary, but fast solution for me to learn basic flying skills. When autumn arrives I'll focus more on my arducopter port project.

I noticed that my mid section that is holding the arms was not strong enough. Also the motormounts broke on hard landings. So I did a little rebuild of my frame. As the I86L is also multiframe compatible I change my frame from + to X. When mounting a camera (in the future) a quad X frame is a better choice then a quad + frame. My mid section is now made out of 2 large 15cm alu plates. The motor mounts are made out of 60x30x2mm alu plates.

Equipment new quadcopter X-frame:
- Alu Quad X frame 60cm square tube 15x15x1.5mm
   (~ 49cm from motor center to oposit motor center)
- 4 x Motors AX-2210N 1000kv from hobbyking
- 4 x SlowFly 9047 props from hobbyking
- 4 x Blueseries ECS 12 amp from hobbyking
- 4 x homemade vibration reduction motor mount (now 2mm alu)
- i86L Multi Rotor Control Board Lite Edition
- 4 Channel Analog RC reciever
- Turnigy 3000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack from hobbyking

total weight: ~ 1400 grams

Equipment groundstation:
- 4 Channel Analog 40mhz transmitter

This frame is heavy, but I hope it will now survive my hard landings :)

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