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vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Arducopter on the bench!

Finaly I got most components working for this project. The arducopter firmware is ported to my seeeduino mega board and is connect to all my other exothic hardware. Now I'm ready to go for some PID tuning on the testbench.

In the movie you can see the these components
- Seeeduino mega 1280 (loaded with arducopter firmware version 2.5.3, with my personal changes)
- Razor 9dof imu (loaded with my own firmware, raw sensor data output)
- Lantronix B/G wifi module
- voltage regulation board to power the wifi module.

The gps is not mounted because I have no signal inside. I currently have only 2 ESC available. These 2 are my spare parts, the other one's are mounted on my Mini-H-Quad. So currently I'm only driving 2 motors. In the video you will see some basics tests, PID tuning will be for next time.

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