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vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Maiden flight

Today I finaly got my new x-quad setup with arducopter firmware flying. It still needs some pid tuning, but flying well and feels stable and controllable.

So what's this x-quad configuration all about? The current setup is:
- Razor9Dof IMU  (raw data output firmware over serial port)
- Seeduino Mega 1280 (arduino compatible)
- DIYDrons Arducopter firmware V2.5.3 (with some custom made changes and imu driver)
- 4Channel Analog FM RC controller
- Lantronix B/G wifi module

So I'm flying the x-quad with a standard RC (40mhz fm) controller. The wifi module provides real time telemetry from the quad and sends it to my laptop where I have the DIYDrons APM Planner software running. Next step is to do some PID tuning and try it outside.

*** UPDATE 28 MAI 13

I did some PID tuning and tested the quad outside. Flying manual with rc controller in stabelize mode.

Now we are ready to integrate the sparkfun sup500f gps and test the arducopter gps functions (loiter, rtl, ...) in the mission planner.

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  1. Hey you,
    I wanna give you many thanks because of your helpful pots. I am watting for your next post- PID turning, So thank you again !