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zondag 16 juni 2013

AX 2210N Motor benchmark

This week I tested my motors with several types of batteries and props. To see which combination runs the most efficient.

So what components are fix
 - motor: HK AX-2210N 1000Kv Brushless 
 - ESC: HK 12A BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller

And what is tested
 - Battery: 2 cell lipo and 3 cell lipo
 - Prop: HK Slowfly 9x5, EPP 10x45, GWS HD 10x6

Test Result

For my setup (motor+prop) there is no large difference between these 3 props on a 3 Cell battery. Note that I did not test above 125 watt because it's not save to run this motor over a longer period of time above this value. The 9x5 prop runs the most efficient and the motor is running cool.
Both 10 inch props are oversized when using a 3 cell battery. The motor runs warm even when not on full power and they are less efficient ~2%.

When efficiency is prio 1 then you have to use a 2 cell lipo with this setup. This increases efficiency by ~12 %. But it decreases the maximum thrust so you need to be carefull and do a good calculation on desired thrust and the weight of your multirotor. The efficiency between the different props on this 2cell setup is only ~2%. The maximum thrust for a 9 inch prop or a 10 inch prop on this 2 cell setup is 15%.

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