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maandag 29 oktober 2012

IP Camera (FPV)

Some time ago I bought an Edimax Wireless IP Camera to use as FPV (first person view) solutions in my quadcopter project. But I noticed that it will be very difficult to control the quad live via the videostream from the wireless IP cam because there is to much lag. The IP cam also has a FOV (field of view) of only 40 degrees. For FPV solutions a FOV of > 90 is adviced. But still I can use the IP cam as live view and recorder.

So I disambled the Wireless IP Camera and made a mounting board to place the cam on the quad. The mounting board is a aluminium plate (1mm) total weight 38 grams. That is less then useing the original houseing of the ipcam itself. At the first try-out I reversed voltage polarity, so I burned the IP Cam.  But After some testing I found out that only the voltage regulation cirquit on board of the ip cam if defective and that I can bypass this section by connection a battery (or external voltage regulater) behind this section. So IP Cam fixed!

After mounting the IP Cam to the quad I got a total weight of 1420grams.  Adding an external voltageregulator + wiring to power the IP Cam will give me a total weight of 1450 grams. So estimated flight time with extra weight + ip cam consumption, only 5 min.
Weather is bad so currently I can't make/upload a real flight fpv video.

(update 2 nov 2012, due to bad weather again a little garage flight)

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