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zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Reducing weight

As told in my previous blogpost the weight of my new frame is currently the only negative factor. I bought some Carbon fiber plates to reduce weight.

-> Carbon Fiber Sheet 1.5mm*300mm*150mm

I just had to cut this sheet in half to get the exact size I needed to fit on my quad. The result looks really nice and it also feels strong.

I also threw away the aluminium battery holder underneath the quad and added a second carbon sheet on top to hold battery and electronics. This sheet is seperated by the same rubbers I use for my motormounts. I did this to hopefully reduce even more vibrations. But that is something I'll test later.

An other thing I did to reduce weight is by using just wires to connect my ecs to the battery. On my prevouis X-Frame I used the powerdistribution board I had created for my first + Frame equiped with arduino. But this board is currently not really needed. So in total I saved up to 130 grams (almost 10%). Current total weight 1270 grams.

Because of the bad weather. Just a little flight test in the garage to see if it still works.

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